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We have all seen fashions come and go, whether a brief fad or couple year trend, but there is one fashion style that has particularly piqued our interest, that is Romper! It was 10 years ago when i first saw a romper, and i was falling in love with it right away. After so many years later, it’s still in my wardrobe even though i have a couple of new ones. But i didn’t know it was a “romper” at that time, the only thing i thought “wow, what a great dress!”. Maybe you're not exactly sure what is a romper at first, even if you like it. So what is a romper?

 What is a romper?/What are rompers?--Well, the Gogle definition:

*a young child's one-piece outer garment.

*a one-piece outer garment for adults, typically worn as overalls or as sports clothing.

This definition sure would be easier to explain. But no one can simply anser this question without a thorough investigation(remember, we’re trying to avoid the fashion police). Here is what i got for you: A romper is simply a piece of clothing consisting of a shirt with attached shorts or pants,  commonly worn by children. However, the meaning of romper has developed dramatically, as they are now a well-known fashion item among women. Even men have joined the trend with the famed #romphim movement in 2016.

Are Rompers Clothing Items Meant For Children?

Although the original concept of a one-piece garment was usually applied to children’s clothing, the idea of a romper has since evolved into something more than just a playful outfit. Rompers can be comfortable, elegant, trendy, classic, or even old-fashioned, depending on the style you look at, and all of them are suitable for women of various ages. 

Do Rompers Have To Have Shorts?

Although this answer might vary depending on where you live and what fashion circles you run in, typically the answer is yes. One-pieces that have legs that come past the knee are typically referred to as “jumpsuits,” and although they are very similar to the traditional concept of a romper, they tend to cover more skin. In general, rompers have short sleeves or straps and come to about mid-thigh. Short jumpsuits are similar to rompers.

How To Wear A Romper? Can Rompers Only Be Worn in the Summer?

Though the romper is traditionally a summer piece of clothing, rompers can actually be adapted into a trendy fall or winter fashion.

One of the reasons i love rompers, particularly in the summer, because they are easy.

You put one on, you look pulled together, and you don’t have to labor over what top or pants/shorts to wear. Throw on suitable shoes, a few accessories and you’re done.

It has the ease of a dress, but with the added security and function of shorts. Rompers are also unexpected, which gives them a cool factor.

You can aslo wear romper in the Winter: Pair rompers with tights or leggings to keep your legs warm on cooler days and layer a matching sweater or jacket over the top. Matching two piece outfits sets Will give your style an extra edge, add a matching scarf and beanie to the ensemble!

How Choosethe Right Length of A Romper?

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It Depends on how long your torso or legs are, you may need to look for petite or extended sizes so that the crotch isn’t too high or too low. If you can, try on a romper before purchasing it to make sure the arms, body, and legs aren’t too constricting. If you’re getting a romper with shorts, the shorts should fall on your mid- to upper-thigh area. If you’re getting pants, the hem should fall right near your ankle.

Part of the joy of wearing a romper is that they’re comfortable and stylish, so you want to avoid styles or sizes that are skin-tight.

If you get a romper with pants or shorts that are too long, you could always have it hemmed.

Will Rompers Be Disappear?

Absolutely not. While this is obviously an opinion-based question, rompers are an incredibly versatile piece of fashion. As mentioned above, they can be worn in the winter and fall with the proper adjustments and layering. They can be worn with almost any shoe-type, so long as it is a fitting match for the style. Finally, they are the answer for style when a woman doesn’t want to wear a dress, but she wants the simplicity of wearing a dress (not needing to match a shirt with a skirt or pants). For these reasons alone, the romper is here to stay.

Pick a beautiful floral or patterned romper for a visually stunning effect. For festivals, weekend brunches, and summer time trips, a colorful, bright romper can add a lot of style to your look without requiring a lot of extra pieces.

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For the hot summer months, it can be super nice to throw on a patterned romper, put on some sandals, grab your bag, and head out the door without having to worry about additional touches.

Rompers are not just a new fashion trend, they're a statement. Backing girls' indecisiveness, and marking the downward trend of the beloved short rompers. Pick an outfit girls, not just a mashup of every option there is. A romper makes a great addition to your wardrobe! They can be dressed up for special events by adding the right shoes and accessories, or they can be dressed down for casual events while still being stylish.

You can choose rompers with shorts for the spring and summer months, or you could even get rompers with pants for those colder months. By selecting the right romper and accessorizing it properly, you'll feel confident and classy in your outfit.

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